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Roll-up stands are usually used for advertising of products and services. These stands are popular in various events: exhibitions, conferences, presentations. Roll-ups are also used for providing information or advertising in various public spaces, trade and business centers.

Because of the simple assembling and transportation, mobile roll-ups suit perfectly for short-term advertising. Furthermore, roll-up stands are completed with special bags for convenient storage.

In S. Jokužys’ Publishing & Printing House, we produce roll-up stands of various measures. Have no layout? We offer to use the services of our designers.

About our produced roll-up stands:

  • special paper for mobile stands used for roll-ups (one-sided printing)
  • construction: silver color, aluminum
  • possible measures (cm): 85x200, 100x200, 120x200, 150x200
  • double support legs for stand stability
  • convenient bag for transportation

For order and detailed information, please contact us tel. +370 46 300 200, e-mail info@spaustuve.lt