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Photo books

Photo books

History begins already from the first stopped blink of eye. And the specific feature of such moments is to sink into oblivion. Especially now, when we have thousands of photos in our computers, and mobile phones have already long time ago become perfect cams fitting in a pocket.

Here in S. Jokužys’ publishing-printing house we trust that rare one can resist against the charm of printed photos. In our publishing-printing house you can order unique, only from your life moments composed book of photos. Photo book is an excellent solution to proper care of not aging photos.

How does everything happen? Simply! You select liked photos, put them together by means of the program Unibind and send to us. We print, bind and you just have to pick up.

Exclusive photo books:

  • Used photographic paper
  • Possible pages of various thickness
  • Exclusive cover decoration with print on cloth
  • Possible covers with put on pictures (transfers), softening, ribbons etc.
  • Manually bound
  • Formats of various sizes


  • Possible formats: 30x30 cm, A4 vertical, A4 horizontal, A5 horizontal
  • Cover cut: square, rectangle, circle, oval
  • Cover colors: black, silver, gold, blue, white. Possible to cover with cloth, put on transfer
  • Paper: standard – art (glossy or mat), 170gsm; decorative / coarse; photographic paper (sheet-to-sheet laminated on the cardboard)
  • Terms of production – 3–5 working days from submitting of the prepared book layout