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With S. Jokužys’ publishing-printing house it is very simple to give an event still more fascination. No event happens without unique tickets, and in our printing house we are able to print them for you.

No rarely events tickets play also a marketing role – in the same way as placards or posters. In our printing house these products are printed in 3 formats – 110x45, 150x50, 210x50 mm – in colored or white-and-black design.

Frequently tickets become a gateway to an extraordinary event, party, concert, exposition or auction – give your event still more exclusivity!

Do not forget that for validity of a ticket it is necessary to observe certain rules by creating its design. The following items must be specified on the ticket:

  • Current number
  • Nominal price
  • Name of the company
  • Series must consist of 4 letters and number of 7 ciphers, there must be No. before ciphers
  • Series and number combination of the ticket must be unique (cannot reiterate)
  • The same data of the ticket indicated on the counterfoil