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SJ publishing-printing - the first privately owned printing house established after Lithuania gained Independence.

It started from scratch, slowly grew, improved, acquired the most modern printing equipment, mastered innovative technologies and became one of the biggest and most known printing houses not only in Lithuania, but in Europe as well.

It implemented ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System and EFQM Excellence Model.

We co-operate with one of the most known manufacturers of polygraphic equipment – German company „Heidelberg“ - and purchased various machinery from them: printing, cutting and other, so we can offer products of the best quality to our clients.

SJ publishing-printing house is a member of Klaipeda Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, Klaipeda Association of Industrialists and Printers’ Association of Lithuania.

While celebrating 20th anniversary our goal hasn‘t changed: we strive to improve, offer the highest quality services to meet our clients‘expectations. Our motto is QUALITY + that is quickness, quality and qualification.

Our advantages:

Our biggest advantage is that we have implemented all three main printing techniques – offset, digital and screen. This lets us to be flexible, meet any need of our customers and accomplish consistent quality control. Print runs can be according to customer‘s needs. There is one simple rule in business – not only the best, but as well as the fastest player wins. Our decision to purchase a digital printing machine was justified because now we can print in especially small runs. This is very usefull not only for companies who wish to save money, but as well as to individual clients who want to order small product runs – even from 1 copy – or the ones who dream to record their personal creations in a book.

For our clients convenience all processes (printing, publishing, design, photography, pre-press reproduction, post-press operations) – from idea to product delivery – are done under one roof.

SJ publishing-printing house is innovative – we manufacture what others are only planning to produce. It is the only company in the Baltic States that has implemented a licensed "MetalFX" technological system and has practice using it.