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We mostly print with "Heidelberg" printing machines "Heidelberg" SM52 - 5+L, „Heidelberg“ SM74 - 5+L that are manufactured in Germany. This equipment is renowned for its quality and is leading the printing industry. The advantage of our equipment is that the machines have an additional varnishing section which shortens the drying time of the dye as well as adds beauty to the finished product. This allows us to do all the post-printing jobs (folding, binding and others) quicker and our customers to receive the products of the highest quality in shorter times.


To fully satisfy our clients needs the printing house purchased a digital printing machine XEROX DC 800AP in 2009. Digital printing is the most modern printing technology that allows to print small runs in a very short time. The data is sent directly to the printing machine without additional operations, the view is formed from the digital description. Digital printing saves time and money. This printing technology is more straightforward than offset printing because there is no need to make photo and printing forms or prepare machines. Digital printing is used to print small runs – even from 1 copy. You can print as many as you want and when you want it.


Offset printingDigital printing
  • Best for large runs. The more copies you print, the lower is the price per copy.
  • Printing might take several work days.
  • A full colour palette and semitones are produced using CMYK colour coding system (cyan, magenta, yellow, black).
  • Pre-press, colour division and manufacture of forms, machine preparation is needed for printing.
  • Best for small runs.
  • You can get your printed materials in just one work day.
  • Very easy to prepare the layouts for printing (even Word, Excel and other office programs can be used), so expenditure on design is kept to a minimum.
  • Multi-page materials can be digitally printed (catalogues, books, portfolio, company presentations, etc.). It is very convenient when you need small amounts and want to save money.


Screen printing is the oldest printing technique that is still used today. This technique is great for non-standard printing decisions and unique projects. Colour view is formed by printing each colour separately.